What’s the Key to Long-Term Success in a Food Testing Laboratory? Reliability.

By June 8, 2017

Waters Corporation and PRIMORIS Belgium… a reliable relationship

It makes sense, doesn’t it? No one likes being let down; disappointed. Especially when the consequences are significant.

Take, for example, a specialized food testing laboratory – PRIMORIS Belgium – which is responsible for processing more than 60,000 samples (and analyzing more than 20,000,000 results!) annually. They ensure that their client’s produce is free from harmful residues and contaminants, and contribute to enhancing quality and sustainability.

PRIMORIS Belgium needs right first-time answers, fast. And as a center of competence for the agro-food sector, their reputation in delivering this is paramount to the success of their business. PRIMORIS Belgium, their clients, and ultimately their consumers will suffer if there are delays in time-to-results or issues in quality of results.

When it came to choosing equipment in the early 2000s, they looked for a supplier that could provide them with instruments and support robust enough to take the relentless demands of this routine quantitative environment.

With several vendors in a competitive market space, PRIMORIS Belgium’s Head of Development and Support, Hans Braeckman, explains why the Waters relationship is still going strong over a decade later:

We have been working with Waters instrumentation for 13 years and have built up a large experience with their GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, and LC-UV systems. Currently we have 24 MS/MS systems from Waters that we use routinely and more are on their way.

“During these past years we have found Waters Corporation to be a reliable partner in supporting our business. The common focus of our two organizations towards reliability drives our activities forward and allows us to provide high-quality analyses and reliable services to our clients.

“We have not encountered safety or quality concerns outside normal use scenarios. The adeptness of their software to a routine environment is an unneglectable feature. We would recommend Waters as a reliable partner for routine quantifications using MS/MS.”



Being a reliable partner to our customers is a cornerstone of the Waters ethos. And having robust, reliable instruments is our commitment to all of our customers, new and old alike.