Waters keeps pace with bioanalysis market through EBF

By December 12, 2014

The European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) is a non-profit organization comprised of bioanalytical scientists working within the pharmaceutical and CRO industries. EBF’s mission is to gather like-minded scientists to tackle the issues and challenges facing the industry and to present opinions to regulatory bodies and peers. The EBF Open Meeting is a collaborative opportunity to share common practices and discuss new developments in industry. Being a part of this community affords Waters the opportunity to engage and contribute to their open discussions, which furthers our understanding of a dynamic landscape and provides insights into solving persistent market problems.

The EBF’s 7th Open Meeting was held Nov 19-21 in Barcelona, Spain. The program emphasized five key themes: technology improvements, regulatory landscape, enhancements in bioanalytical processes, building bridges within bioanalysis (focusing on advancements in large molecule bioanalysis), and building bridges outside bioanalysis (what lies ahead).

Waters was proud to once again play an active role at EBF as a platinum sponsor, which included its support of the Bioanalysis Young Investigator Award. Dr. Russell Mortishire-Smith, Senior Consulting Scientist, presented the award to Dr. James Li of the University of Texas, El Paso. Dr. Li presented his work, Bioanalysis on Microfluidic Lab on a Chip. He described novel technologies developed for pathogen testing and implications for tools for bioanalysis that address the needs for miniaturization, cost and space savings, and high throughput on a variety of supports including glass and paper.

Waters presented two papers. Dr. Mark Wrona discussed, “Integration of microfluidics with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) for DMPK Studies.” The presenton reviewed the use of ionKey/MS™ combined with the Xevo® G2-XS and Tof MRM quantitative acquisition modes to provide maximum sensitivity for small sample volumes and generate signals at sub femtogram on columna (sub nanogram/mL concentration) levels.  Download the presentation.

Speaking on LC-MS applications for large molecules, Dr. Erin Chambers presented, “Getting More with Less: Improving Sensitivity and Reducing Sample Consumption in LC/MS Assays for Endogenous and Injected Glucagon, 6 Insulins, and Teriparatide,” which highlighted the capabilities of Waters’ ionKey/MS System.

Following oral and poster presentations on microfluidics and improvements to sensitivity analysis, customers came to the Waters exhibit to learn more about ionKey/MS, Xevo G2-XS QTof, and how to navigate the transition from small to large molecule bioanalysis. The interest in both the latest HRMS based platforms used in typical discovery and regulated bioanalytical labs continues to be a major talking point at EBF. Attendees also showed interest in the small size of the Xevo TQ-S micro, and ACQUITY QDa® Detector . Most were surprised that a system the size of a TQ-S micro could be as, or more sensitive than the much larger MS systems in their current labs. Feedback and interest in ionKey/MS was particularly high due to the need for a robust implementation of this technology by bioanalytical users. The large sensitivity performance increases provided by ionKey/MS for small and large molecule assays resonated well.

The focus of the meeting continues to accelerate the understanding and interdependence of the entire bioanalysis process including sample handling, sample preparation, and the utilization of complementary analytical information (including tandem, HRMS, chromatographic, EIA and informatics approaches.) In these areas in particular, Waters stands out as having a large number of integrated products and technologies that span the needs of many of those attending EBF.


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