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Bringing it all together – A modern solution for oligonucleotide analysis

By June 14, 2022
Biotechnology and molecular engineering. 3D illustration, science and technology concept of genetic manipulation.

Solving analytical challenges is at the core of our DNA and when it comes to oligonucleotide analysis, we’re at a point now where we can bring together the many advancements we’ve made across the analytical value stream into complete end-to-end workflows that truly deliver best-in-class analytical performance and productivity.

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Automating Intact Mass Deconvolution: It’s About Time

By March 10, 2022

Waters has been progressing intact mass analyses for an equally long time. Development of the new waters_connect INTACT Mass app was a user-centric process.

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Connecting Scientists with Next-Generation Informatics

By October 28, 2021

As lab operations evolve in increasingly regulated environments, informatics software must develop in sync to meet the needs of scientists and lab managers. That’s why we have developed waters_connect, a groundbreaking informatics platform with the… Read more >

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