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Get Empowered: Method Lifecycle Management | Tip #198, PeakTracker in Fusion QbD with Empower

By November 4, 2020

Return of our VLOG series featuring Empower as an important tool to implement method lifecycle management (MLCM). In this tip, we’ll take peak tracking by mass to the next level with PeakTracker in Fusion QbD, ACQUITY QDa and Empower.

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Get Empowered: Method Lifecycle Management | Tip #185, Improve Robust Method Development with ACQUITY QDa and Empower

By August 5, 2020

Identifying and tracking compounds by UV only can result in inaccurate peak assignments and the exclusion of potential key compounds that are non-UV absorbing. Learn how the ACQUITY QDa and Empower address these challenges to improve robust method development and method understanding.

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