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Xevo TQ-GC Tips & Tricks: How to extend MS data collection and reference mass spectral libraries

By December 17, 2018
Xevo TQ-GC System

Available on the Xevo TQ-GC and all Xevo mass spectrometers, RADAR is a simple but powerful acquisition mode that can aid method development, track coextracted interference compounds, and allow re-processing of previously acquired data.

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The Quest for a Universal Chromatography Technique

By August 23, 2018

When considering that the range of compounds that might be subject to chromatography goes from highly volatile species with molecular weights of tens of Daltons, to proteins with molecular weights of hundreds of thousands of Daltons, maybe it isn’t so surprising that there are a variety of separation techniques required.

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Good Scent. Bad Reaction?

By August 17, 2016

A New Approach for Detecting Fragrance Allergens Have you ever sat next to someone wearing heavy cologne and suddenly noticed that your eyes were watering? Hopefully, you’ve never had that experience, but if you have… Read more >

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