Stronger Together Against COVID-19

By July 27, 2020

At Waters, we have a long history of working alongside the scientific community in times of need through collaboration. Today, as the world continues to battle COVID-19, that collaborative approach is more important than ever. Ultimately, this challenge is far too great for any organization to tackle alone. 

That is why we created the Waters COVID-19 Innovation Response Team. In the early stages of the pandemic, we knew we wanted to offer an unprecedented amount of support, not just for our customers, but the global scientific community at-large. And, we wanted to be inclusive in our work, our mission and the global scientific networks in which we operate.  

With that in mind, we began to partner with diverse organizations around the world to bring our resources and scientific capabilitiesas well as those of our partners, to the forefront of the global fight against COVID-19Through this collaborative approachwe quickly began to share our collective ideas, questions and approaches on how to solve one of the most significant scientific challenges of our time.  

In just a few short months, the Waters Innovation Response Team connected with hundreds of scientists worldwideWe’ve worked with non-profits, academicsstart-ups and corporations, each with their own unique perspectives on how to quickly and effectively deliver diagnostics, therapies and vaccines.  

Through these combined efforts, we’ve already seen significant resultsRecently, at Waters’ Annual User’s Meeting, I had the privilege of sharing few of the success stories that have emerged from the team’s ongoing collaborationsThese stories are a testament to the combined fundamental expertise of Waters and our partners, and I could not be prouder of these efforts. To learn more, you can watch my presentation here 

There are many challenges that still need be addressed, but with those challenges comes opportunity. The scientific community can demonstrate to the world how, through inclusion and collaboration, we are stronger together. At Waters, that mindset has sustained us for over 60 years, and it will continue to, as we fight COVID-19 and whatever comes next.  

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