Pride at Waters: Translating Passion and Vision into Action and Results

By June 14, 2021

Within Waters, employees the world over are encouraged to be—and celebrated for being—their most authentic selves. As co-chairs of the employee-led Pride Circle at Waters, we are excited to celebrate Pride Month 2021. Together, we’ve made significant progress fostering an inclusive workplace where diversity in all forms can thrive, and this year especially we have much for which we can be proud.

Creating an environment for all to be successful, innovative, and engaged

prideWe believe that celebrating differences and new ideas is not only our responsibility in delivering benefit but will also help us reach our full potential by harnessing the totality of the perspectives, beliefs, and backgrounds of all our employees.

As an employee-led diversity group, we centered ourselves on the following principle: “When employees can bring their true selves to work, we create an environment for all of us to be successful, innovative, and engaged.”

This year alone, we’ve implemented changes to further this, including:

  • Providing employee gender transition guidelines
  • Ensuring the availability of best-in-class benefits policies for our LGBTQ+ employees
  • Introducing gender-neutral bathrooms in some locations

As our CEO and President, Dr. Udit Batra, shared in January 2021, Waters received our first-ever Corporate Equality Index (CEI) score.

We’re proud to say that we achieved a 95 out of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s annual scorecard for LGBTQ+ workplace equality. The CEI rating also showed us where we can do even better for our employees, and we look forward to Waters’ participation again for 2022.

Since founding our employee-led Pride Circle in 2019, we have embraced many new members. We understand the journey is different for everyone and recognize that many more LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies are within our midst than just those who are members of the Pride Circle today. Whether as members or as supporters, we are in it together and we are proud of everyone’s personal and unique journey.

Advancing Pride at Waters in 2021 and beyond

Throughout the remainder of 2021 and into the first half of 2022, the employee-led Pride Circle at Waters will continue to translate our passion and vision into actions and results.

Pride Month 2021 represents an important moment during which to celebrate how far we’ve come while taking care to map the road ahead. While we create time to appreciate and find joy in our diversity, let us also look for new and innovative ways to embrace and support our LGBTQ+ community throughout the entire year.

Dr. Udit Batra’s statement, “Diversity is a statement, inclusion is an act,” is more than simply rhetoric – it’s an affirmation of our commitment to one another and for creating a safe space for all to be their authentic selves. The events of the past year have demonstrated time and again that we are stronger when we stand together.

As we work to Deliver Benefit in the communities where we live and work, let us all make space to support one another, show up for one another, and celebrate one another – each and every day.

Happy Pride!

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