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Setting a New Bar for Benchtop Automation

By April 9, 2020

Laboratory automation is quickly becoming a critical component of the modern lab, streamlining pharmaceutical, life science and analytical LC-MS workflows.  Automation of routine and complex sample preparation helps minimize variability, improve traceability and simplify method… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Creating and Using View Filters | Tip #168, Creating Project Level Custom View Filters

By April 8, 2020

In this week’s tip, we will continue our series on creating project level Custom View Filters. Learn how to create a Custom View Filter to find results generated on a specified date.

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Waters Introduces STEM Live: The Science of What’s Possible for Kids

By April 6, 2020

In an earlier blog, we discussed how the skills that students develop in science, technology, engineering and math—disciplines collectively known as STEM, are more important than ever. At Waters, we are actively engaging in global,… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Creating and Using View Filters | Tip #167, Creating Project Level Custom View Filters

By April 1, 2020

Creating project level Custom View Filters help to make finding information regarding samples quick and simple. In this week’s tip, we will learn how to create a project level Custom View Filter for results processed multiple times.

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Navigating the Uncertainties of the Nitrosamine Impurity Crisis

By March 26, 2020

The nitrosamine impurity crisis continues to be on the mind of every stakeholder involved in the development and manufacturing of affected drug products. In our interactions with key opinion leaders and those in the lab having to develop and validate nitrosamine testing methods, we’ve come across a few common questions that we want to address here

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Get Empowered: Creating and Using View Filters | Tip #166, Creating a Custom View Filter

By March 25, 2020

View Filters are very helpful when looking for information regarding our samples. In this week’s tip, we will begin a new series on creating and using View Filters. Keep reading.

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Data Integrity Matters: Unknown, Unintegrated or Undetected Chromatography Peaks

By March 24, 2020

In an earlier blog, I discussed the concerns about extraneous peaks that might appear in LC separations. While there can be many sources for peaks unrelated to the test substances, how do you decide which… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Empower User Question | Tip #165, Warning Messages in Empower

By March 18, 2020

Another great question received from an Empower user gets answered. Does Empower provide warnings when an instrument is out of calibration? Read the Tip to find out.

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CEO Update on COVID-19

By March 12, 2020

Updated April 22, 2020  As the global effort to combat COVID-19 continues, we remain committed to keeping the safety of our employees, customers, and partners at the forefront of everything we do.   It is clear… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Using, Modifying, and Creating Report Methods | Tip #164, Copying Custom Report Groups

By March 11, 2020

Once we create a custom report group, we may want to use it in another project, or possibly have it present in all projects. In this week’s tip, we will learn about copying custom report groups between projects.

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