New SELECT SERIES MRT Redefines Performance of Next Generation High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

By June 8, 2021


Are you ready for the next generation of high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) platforms? The state-of-the-art hybrid quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-ToF) SELECT SERIES MRT is a groundbreaking addition to Waters’ SELECT SERIES family. Incorporating Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight (MRT) technology, the SELECT SERIES MRT provides a unique combination of high resolution and specificity independent of scan speed, allowing you to confidently identify compounds in even the most complex samples.

The pressure has never been greater for scientists to solve more challenging problems. By pushing the boundaries of MS technology, we can help you to make your next breakthrough.

With this latest advancement in high resolution MS, we are excited to see a new era of discovery unfold. Read on to find out more.

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, without compromise

Q-ToF instruments have been a staple in analytical labs for decades. More recently, Orbitrap technologies have shown the benefits of higher resolution mass spectrometry, but this resolution comes at a price: compromised scan speeds.

Multi-reflecting ToF provides resolution and mass accuracy without compromise.

The system’s class-leading ToF resolution is achieved through the innovative use of multiple reflections of the ion beam. This approach increases the length of the flight path to 47m while maintaining a manageable instrument footprint.

The ions are refocused as they progress to prevent dispersion and losses. As mass accuracy has a direct dependency on resolution and ion statistics, high-quality accurate mass data is delivered as standard.

While the MRT technology achieves superior resolution, state-of-the-art ion optics maintain sensitivity. This results in high resolution over a broad mass range and routine ppb mass accuracy, enabling highly detailed structural characterization enabling you to overcome the biggest scientific challenges.

High resolution mass spectrometry as it has never been seen

The spatial distribution of molecular species in a sample is crucial to gaining insight into biological, chemical, and physiological processes. MS imaging provides label-free, multiplexed, and objective measurement of molecular targets from complex surfaces. High-resolution tools are vital to unlocking the full potential of MS imaging, providing added specificity, increasing the level of detail generated. By enhancing the depth of data generated in experiments, the SELECT SERIES MRT can help you:

  • Reduce analysis times and generate crystal-clear high-resolution images, without compromising mass spectral resolution or accuracy
  • Facilitate unambiguous compound identification in even the most complex samples
  • Seamlessly interchange between MALDI and DESI XS sources.

Cutting-edge DESI and MALDI ion sources

For the best imaging mass spectrometry, you need not only a cutting-edge mass spectrometer, but ion sources designed to deliver.

Combine the SELECT SERIES MRT with the latest DESI XS and MALDI technology for full-spectrum molecular imaging. DESI excels at lipid and small-molecule imaging, allowing multiple imaging experiments to be performed on a single sample, at ambient pressure, and with minimal sample preparation. MALDI, on the other hand, is an ideal complementary technique for imaging of biological molecules, such as peptides.

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

DESI XS ion source

Improve productivity, efficiency, and simplicity in your imaging experiments with the addition of two new technologies to the DESI XS source. Access enhanced spatial resolution with the increased focus of the new high-performance sprayer. Complementing this is a new heated transfer line to visualize compounds at previously unobtainable levels, through increased sensitivity and improved signal-to-noise.

Meanwhile, the newly designed SELECT SERIES MALDI source is an ideal complementary technique for the imaging of biological molecules such as peptides and can visualize large tissue sections at a pixel size of 10 microns. Taken together the combination of imaging sources gives researchers the means to generate fine spatial information and morphological detail for biological samples and even visualize brain vasculature.

For ultimate flexibility in molecular imaging, integrating the latest advances in DESI and MALDI in a single instrument is a recipe for success, which is why the sources are seamlessly interchangeable on the SELECT SERIES MRT. The combination of both sources means researchers can generate sharp images of biological samples, even down to the ability to visualize brain vasculature.

Set your sights on the future of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

With this winning combination of technologies, scientists are perfectly equipped to overcome the challenges standing in the way of groundbreaking discovery.

Discover how the SELECT SERIES MRT can help you to:

  • Identify sample components confidently with routine ppb mass accuracy
  • Resolve nominally isobaric interferences with high mass resolution, at all scan speeds
  • Reveal isotopic fine structure for unambiguous compound identification
  • Achieve high-quality data in both MS and MS/MS
  • Simplify data archiving and rapidly process data with compact data file sizes

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