New ACQUITY PREMIER Solution Reduces Variability for Metal-Sensitive Analytes

By February 10, 2021

Today, Waters launched the ACQUITY PREMIER Solution designed to reduce variability associated with metal-sensitive analytes such as phosphates and carboxylates – all without time-consuming tasks like LC system and column passivation.

By giving you greater confidence in your results, minimizing your risk, and increasing efficiency you will have more time to generate meaningful data and focus on your next scientific breakthrough.

At Waters, your need to overcome difficult chromatographic challenges drives our innovation. Progress isn’t about technical specifications. It’s about listening to you and improving our solutions to help you do more, more precisely – while challenging ourselves to find faster, simpler, and better ways to support your workflow and results.

When High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) wasn’t keeping pace with your demands, Waters introduced ACQUITY UPLC, which advanced speed, resolution, and sensitivity in chromatographic separations. Our new ACQUITY PREMIER Solution brings the next generation of chromatographic performance, addressing the challenge of your increasing sample complexity and the wide-ranging effects of adsorptive losses on your analyses.

Get ready to see what you’ve been missing.

ACQUITY PREMIER Solution delivers performance without passivation

Even as modern HPLC and UHPLC systems and columns provide high levels of performance, unwanted analyte/surface interactions can still negatively affect liquid chromatographic methods. This can lead to sample losses, limited sensitivity, poor reproducibility, and missing analytes. Good chromatography is as much about preventing the interactions you don’t want, as it is about creating the ones you need.

The ACQUITY PREMIER Solution helps eliminate passivation and conditioning, and enables greater sensitivity and peak shapes – all while reducing variability in your results from injection-to-injection and day-to-day.

With the ACQUITY PREMIER Solution you can:

  • Have greater confidence in every result
  • Minimize the risk of undetected analytes
  • Get to the right answer – faster

“From injection number one, you see your analytes…even on a trace level.” Hear more from Michael Donegan, Waters Principal Research Scientist in this video:

Holistic solutions for increased flexibility and high-level confidence

A true measure of excellence for Waters is in orchestrating consistent quality and performance for both instrument and chemistry.  This commitment, in turn, empowers scientists across applications, methods, and workflows to fine-tune systems to specific analytical needs and consistently maintain a high level of confidence in every result.

The outcome is better quality data and faster, improved system-to-system and column-to-column reproducibility – allowing methods to be transferred between analysts, instruments, and laboratories.

Innovative technology mitigates analyte interactions

The ACQUITY PREMIER Solution is designed with Waters’ innovative MaxPeak High Performance Surface (HPS) Technology, which mitigates analyte interactions with the metal surfaces of the chromatography system and column to help prevent analyte adsorption.

By mitigating non-specific adsorption, the ACQUITY PREMIER Solution provides:

  • Reduced risk of undetected analytes, providing complete information for decision making
  • Increased efficiency by eliminating time-consuming system and column passivation
  • Greater reproducibility and increased confidence in results
  • Improved sensitivity and peak shapes ensuring better data quality
  • Dramatic improvements in RP and HILIC applications for organic acids, organophosphates, oligonucleotides, peptides, glycans, and phospholipids

ACQUITY PREMIER Solution performance without time-consuming passivation – analysis of insulin receptor – doubly phosphorylated peptide (TRDIpYETDpYYRK).

With the ACQUITY PREMIER Solution, it is now possible to:

  • Develop more robust methods, faster
  • Detect low concentration analytes with greater confidence
  • Increase efficiency while reducing costs

Learn more about the ACQUITY PREMIER Solution now.


Watch the replay of our ACQUITY PREMIER launch event. Learn from the panel discussion and hear firsthand from an innovation partner who has benefited from this solution.


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