Make the Most of Your CDS Data

By January 9, 2015

fb_image_640x640_gen_scientistcomputerAre you being asked to reduce laboratory costs and increase laboratory efficiency while ensuring your data meets regulatory expectations?

The amount of data being produced by your chromatography data system (CDS) increases every year. Being able to acquire, process and report your data efficiently and effectively can be a significant challenge. Being able to find the right information at the right time can make a huge difference to the cost effectiveness of your laboratory. Being able to trace and manage data consistently can be a strain of resources, both human and financial.

A recent C&EN Webinar featuring David Wayland, Senior Product Manager, Informatics at Waters, entitled, Make the Most of Your Chromatography Data with Traceable, Efficient and Effective Workflows and Management of Data, describes how workflow, traceability and data management tools in a modern chromatography data system can add value by improving efficiency and confidence in your chromatography data.

Learn how you can make the most of your CDS data, view On-Demand Webinar

(This webinar was hosted live on December 18th 2014 with C&EN)

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