How Mass Detection Helps a CRO in China Expand its Outsourced Drug Discovery Services

By November 20, 2018

The ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector brings the power of mass detection for purification to Medicilon

Waters and Medicilon have worked closely together since Medicilon’s launch in 2004. They purchased their first ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector in 2014, which easily integrates with their other Waters instrumentation; this was an extremely appealing benefit.

Medicilon offers R&D services from conception through the investigational new drug (IND) application phase. Pharmaceutical companies entrust CROs like Medicilon with a wide range of projects requiring both scientific expertise and top-of-the-line instrumentation. Headquartered in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, Medicilon occupies more than 400,000 sq. ft. in lab space and employs more than 800 people working on biology, chemistry, and preclinical research applications. The company’s customers include some of the biggest names in the industry, including Roche R&D China, Ardea Biosciences, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals (formerly Sepracor), and SK LifeScience.

The competitive market for CROs like Medicilon is forecast to grow in the next five years. As the demand for CRO drug discovery services increases, so does the need for analytical tools like the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector to help researchers meet demand and stay ahead of the competition.



To fulfill the growing demand for their services, CROs need to stay on top of the latest analytical technology. Medicilon has focused on maintaining its expertise in top-of-the-line analytical instrumentation to meet the needs of its clients. For formulation analysis and original drug analysis, Medicilon scientists have relied on Waters instrumentation, including Alliance HPLC systems, SFC preparative systems, and ACQUITY UPC2 systems.

Mass detection was particularly appealing because of its ability to provide access to mass data for chromatographic assays without the need for analysts to have an extensive background in mass spectrometry. Ms. Zhang Lijuan, Manager of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Team in Medicilon’s Analysis Department, saw an opportunity to tap into the analytical confidence that mass detection and the ACQUITY QDa Detector provides.

“Analytical tools are something that a laboratory like ours cannot do without. I feel like mass detection for purification is an indispensable tool, and its possibilities in our industry will continue to develop in the future.” – Ms. Zhang Lijuan, Manager of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Team at Medicilon

Integrating the ACQUITY QDa’s cutting-edge technology offered Ms. Zhang’s team the ability to enhance the analytical value and productivity of each analysis. Those benefits make a big difference in their demanding CRO services market.

Read more from our detailed case study about how being in partnership with Waters, Ms. Zhang’s team and Medicilon strive to meet the rapidly growing demand for CRO services using the latest in mass detection technology.


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