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By January 11, 2022

This week we welcome the future of quantitation with the launch of the new waters_connect for quantitation software, including the revolutionary MS Quan application. Specifically designed to equip quantitative laboratories with the capabilities to take on ongoing challenges associated with the growing volume of samples to analyze and report on, the new app allows laboratories screening large numbers of samples, or those who may be quantifying hundreds of small molecule components and contaminants in a single run, a more efficient means of processing and reviewing data, and identifying batch-to-batch variations.

At the core of waters_connect for quantitation is the solution to common problems faced by quantitative labs, such as:

  • Cumbersome data review processes
  • High employee turnover (with increased training burden)
  • Increased total number of samples to review in short period of time
  • Data integrity

waters_connect for quantitation informatics platform

A streamlined quantitative data review process

We have heard from many of our customers that data review of large sample batches can be a significant drain on analysts’ time. Often, labs must manually review hundreds of chromatograms to find out-of-tolerance results which reduces productivity and can increase the risk of human error.

The Exception Focused Review(XFR) functionality within MS Quan overcomes these challenges by enabling laboratories to set a number of rules within a data set to automatically assess the batch of samples:

  • The software will automatically scan the data set, flagging out-of-tolerance results and will save labs a massive amount of their data-review time.
  • The ability to filter by exception type then gives the analyst full control over which areas of their data they spend their time on.

Through its unique capabilities, XFR can reduce data review time by up to 50%, freeing up valuable time that can be spent on other critical tasks, keeping productivity and efficiency high.

Safeguarding data integrity in quantitation

As part of governmental organization audits, quantitative labs must keep rigorous records about their data analysis processes to ensure they are up to standard. Failing these audits can result in significant penalties.

The new platform supplements labs’ existing standard operating procedures to make this process easier.

For optimal data security, the software combines a number of data integrity features that ensure the burden of data integrity is kept to a minimum, such as:

  • It’s built on an encrypted database, mitigating the risk of tampering.
  • Greater access controls ensure staff only have access to the areas of the software that they are trained for.
  • Automatic logging of actions made by individuals into an audit trail, so actions can be traced back to individual users.

waters_connect for quantitation is an intuitively simple and modern informatics platform

Intuitive software for enhanced productivity

With the additional new features for a streamlined workflow, a key focus during development was ensuring that the overall software is intuitive to use for both new and experienced users. With improved user experience comes reduced training requirements and greater productivity.

Many specific ease-of-use functions have been integrated into waters_connect and as a result, countless small design aspects combine to lessen the training burden, and speed up productivity. These include:

  • A familiar, app-based approach, making the user experience recognizable to almost anybody.
  • Browser-based user functions, such as ‘go back‘, ‘refresh’ and the ability to have multiple tabs open will work normally, making it simple to use.
  • Workflow sequence has been considered when designing the software for more logical progression.

next generation of waters_connect software platform

Looking to the future of quantitation

While waters_connect for quantitation offers many powerful features that can be utilized immediately, the software is also designed to be prepared for the future. As with the wider waters_connect suite, the software will continue to grow in functionality, helping labs stay at the forefront of innovation.

This is merely one step on the journey for waters_connect.

Technical Note:

The waters_connect for quantitation software platform is available on the Xevo TQ-XS, Xevo TQ-S micro and Xevo TQ-S cronos.

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