Get Empowered: Using, Modifying, and Creating Report Methods | Tip #148, Exploring Report Methods

By November 20, 2019

Tip #148: Exploring Report Methods in Empower Software

Welcome back to Get Empowered! In the last Empower tip-of-the-week post for Empower Chromatography Data Software, we learned how to backup and restore PDA libraries (Tip #147).

In this week’s tip, we begin a new series on Report Methods. This series will include using, modifying and creating Report Methods. For this first tip, we will explore the Report Methods included in the default projects. These Report Methods can be copied into your working projects and used as is or modified. If you are either a new or infrequent user of Empower, it is an easy way to report your results.

Let’s get started.

Step 1

A series of default projects that are provided with Empower. Depending on which options your organization has purchased, such as System Suitability or GPC, these projects include example data along with relevant Report Methods to make reporting results easier (figure 1).

Figure 1

Figure 1

Step 2

Go to the Methods tab in the project window and filter by ‘Report’ to view the Report Methods in the project. Each default project has its own set of Report Methods (figure 2).

Figure 2

Figure 2

Step 3

Highlight a ‘Result Set’ or the ‘Result Sets’ generated, right click and select ‘Preview/Publisher’. When the Open Report Method dialogue box opens, select the ‘Use the following Report Method’ radio button, select a method from the list and Click ‘OK’ (figure 3).

Figure 3

Figure 3

Step 4

The Preview window opens to view the pages of the report (figure 4). (Please Note: We will go thru the specifics of the Preview window in an upcoming tip in this series.)

Figure 4

Figure 4

Step 5

Copy the Report Methods from a default project into your working project by highlighting the Report Methods, right click and select ‘Copy to Project’ (figure 5).

Figure 5

Figure 5

Step 6

Select the project(s) you want to copy the Report Methods to and click ‘OK’ (figure 6).

Figure 6

Figure 6

It’s that easy!

Final Note:  This procedure can be followed using the QuickStart or Pro interface.


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Next week in Empower Tip #149 – Next week we will continue our series on Report Methods.

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