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By May 8, 2019

Tip #120: Reader Question: How do I have Empower report ‘0’ for a peak field when the peak is missing?

Welcome back to Get Empowered! In the last Empower tip-of-the-week post for Empower Chromatography Data Software, we learned how to use a function called Combine Spectrum which is found in the Review Main Window
(Tip #119).

In this week’s tip, we will begin a short series answering a few recent questions I received.

Question: How do I have Empower report ‘0’ for a peak field when the peak is missing?

Great question. Let me show you how it is done.

Step 1

Often times, we want to average the area of a peak over multiple samples or perhaps average the amount of an analyte found in multiple samples. Start with a simple summary table for ‘Amount’ and you will notice that in some samples the peak is missing. Therefore, there is no amount reported. Empower reports the average Amount for only those samples where the analyte has been found (figure 1).

Empower Tips: Average Amount for samples of found analytes | Figure 1

Figure 1

Step 2

We can create a simple Custom Field which replaces the blank field with a ‘0’ (figure 2).

Empower Tips: Simple Custom Field replacing blank field with a ‘0’ | Figure 2

Figure 2

Step 3

The new summary reflects an average of all the samples including the ones where the analyte was not found (figure 3).

Empower Tips: New summary with average of all the samples | Figure 3

Figure 3


It’s that easy!

Final notes:

  • Acesulfam K is short for acesulfame potassium which is an artificial sweetener.
  • This procedure can be followed using the QuickStart or Pro interface.


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