Get Empowered: Method Lifecycle Management | Tip #202, eCord Intelligent Chip Technology with Empower

By December 2, 2020

Tip #202: eCord Intelligent Chip Technology with Empower

Welcome back to Get Empowered! In the last Empower tip-of-the-week post for Empower Chromatography Data System, we answered a question from an empower user regarding the calculation of USP signal-to-noise ratio (Tip #201).

This week, we will revisit our video blog (VLOG) series featuring Empower as an important tool to implement method lifecycle management (MLCM). In our last MLCM VLOG, we discussed how to use PeakTracker™ in Fusion QbD® to provide a more comprehensive approach to automated, AQbD robust method development (Episode #8 /Tip #198).


In this week’s episode, our topic is: eCord Intelligent Chip Technology

The eCord™ is a unique feature only available with Empower and Empower controlled Waters ACQUITY™ systems. It automates column knowledge management and serves as a control strategy for column usage.



Let’s get started with the video.






Final Note: This procedure can be followed using the QuickStart or Pro interface


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Next week in Empower Tip #203: We will answer an Empower user question regarding the overlay of UV spectra from two different 3D PDA channels in a report.



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