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By February 26, 2020

Tip #162: Special Anniversary Edition with Empower Tips Recap for 2019

Welcome back to Get Empowered! In the last Empower tip-of-the-week post for Empower Chromatography Data Software, we learned how to include a Report Method in a Sample Set Method (Tip #161).

In this week’s tip, we are celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Empower Tip of the Week. An enormous THANK YOU to everyone for following the blog and subscribing to the weekly email. Since its launch in early 2017, I received some great questions. So, as I did at the beginning of last year, I want to take a moment to summarize what we covered in 2019 and share a few excellent questions I received.

Let’s get started.

Topics we covered in 2019:

  1. Working with ACQUITY QDa Data | Tips: 103, 104-112, 113-119, 123
  2. GPC/SEC | Tips: 124-133
  3. PDA Peak Purity | Tips: 134-138
  4. Project Backup, Archival and Restore | Tips: 139-143
  5. UV Libraries | Tips: 144-147
  6. Report Methods | Tips: 148-153


Throughout the year, we received some excellent questions. I would like to share two questions which may be of interest to all:


Is there a way to limit peaks by signal to noise in Empower? For instance, do not integrate any peaks with a s/n below 5 or 10.

There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Create a Peak Custom Field, data type Boolean and set the ‘Use As to Field’. (figure 1). This essentially reports the area of a peak if the s/n is greater than or equal to a certain value. The downside is the areas reported are ‘text fields’ and you cannot do anything further with them.

    Figure 1

    Figure 1

  2. An alternative approach is to make two Custom Fields: the first tells Empower if the s/n for each peak is greater than the value (figure 2).

    Figure 2

    Figure 2

  3. The second multiplies the result of the first Custom Field (‘0’ for NO and ‘1’ for YES) by the area of the peak. It is an extra Custom Field, but you can do something with the values (figure 3).
Figure 3

Figure 3


I am going through some of the custom calculations and they are working, but only on processed Sample Sets. I know that the Calculation Criteria is only available for Result Set First/Only. Is there a way to see the results when a Processing Method is applied to a Sample Set, and going thru each injection?

The answer depends on the type of Custom Fields you have, for example:

  • If it is a ‘Peak Field’ which applies to each individual sample, you can bring the Sample Set into Review, open your Method Set, and go thru each sample. Viewing the results of the Custom Field (figure 4).
Figure 4

Figure 4


  • If it is an ‘Intersample Peak Field’, you should be able to do the same (figure 5).
Figure 5

Figure 5

  • If you have an ‘Intersample Custom Field’, using a summary function, such as ‘AVE’ or ‘SUM’, you need to process the entire Sample Set, generate a Result Set, and then view the results of that Custom Field (figure 6).
Figure 6

Figure 6


Summary functions only work by putting a line at the end of the Sample Set with the function, “Summarize Custom Fields” and then processing the entire Sample Set.

The ‘Search Order’ is used in Intersample Custom Fields to tell Empower where to look for the samples with the labels referenced in the Custom Field. For example, if you set it to ‘Result Set Only’, Empower looks within your current Result Set for the samples with the correct labels. If it doesn’t find them, there is no result for that custom field. Alternatively, if you set ‘Result Set First’ and it doesn’t find the samples with the proper labels within the current Result Set, it looks thru the rest of the project to find samples with the proper labels to make the calculation.


Stay tuned in throughout 2020 as we continue to explore the possibilities with Empower, including exploring the various features in Empower to help with Method Life Cycle Management (MLCM). Please keep your suggestions coming for future Empower Tip topics and as always, I encourage you to send me your questions.


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Next week in Empower Tip #163 – Next week we will continue with our series on Report Methods.






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