Get Empowered: Data Acquisition and the Sample Set Method | Tip #12

By April 11, 2017

Tip #12: Saving an instrument method with a method set

Welcome back to Get Empowered!  In the last Empower Tip of the Week for Empower Chromatography Data Software (CDS), we completed our Browse Projects series and explored how to compare results from different projects.

Today I’m kicking off a new topic: Data Acquisition and the Sample Set Method. We’ll review how to use Empower Software to save an HPLC, GC, UHPLC, or UPLC instrument method with a method set.

To inject a sample or run a Sample Set Method, we need a Method Set which contains an Instrument Method.

Step 1

From the Pro Interface select Browse Projects (Figure 1).

Empower Software: Browse Projects| Figure 2

Figure 1

Step 2

Select a project from the list and click OK (Figure 2).

Empower Software: Browse Project | Figure 2

Figure 2

Step 3

Select the Methods tab (Figure 3).

Empower Software: Methods tab | Figure 3

Figure 3

Step 4

Right-click in the table and select New Method, Instrument Method (Figure 4).

Empower Software: Instrument method | Figure 4

Figure 4

Step 5

If you have more than one chromatography system, select the one you wish to create the new Instrument Method for and click OK (Figure 5).

Empower Software: Select chromatography system | Figure 5

Figure 5

Step 6

Enter the parameters for the new Instrument Method. From the File menu, select Save with Method Set (Figure 6).

Empower Software: Save with method set | Figure 6

Figure 6

Step 7

Enter a name for the new Instrument Method, any pertinent comments and click Save (Figure 7).

Empower Software: Save new instrument method | Figure 7

Figure 7

Step 8

Empower then prompts you to enter a name for the Method Set.  Enter the name, any pertinent comments, and click Save (Figure 8).

Empower Software: Name method set | Figure 8

Figure 8

Step 9

We now see the new instrument Method and Method Set in the Methods table (Figure 9).

Empower Software: New instrument method and method set view | Figure 9

Figure 9


A couple of final notes:

  1. You must log into Empower with the Pro Interface to take advantage of this feature.
  2. You can also do this from the Run Samples window by clicking Edit under the Instrument Method field and following steps 6 through 9 outlined above (Figure 10).
Empower Software: Run samples | Figure 10

Figure 10


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