Father’s Day: Creating a Safer World for My Sons

By June 20, 2021

I’m the incredibly proud father of two sons, Jeroen (age 21)  and Michiel (age 20). It can be easy to forget that I am anyone other than just “Dad” to them, especially as they grow older and their lives become more independent. In their world, everything is fast, immediate – even their texts are punctuated with exclamations… So, imagine my great joy when I received the following text from my son Jeroen.

“Dad, they’re using your Mass Spec at Ghent University in the battle against COVID! I’m super proud that you’re helping Ghent University in the struggle against Corona! See you tomorrow, love you!”

Father's Day COVID-19

Improving human health and well-being in the community and at home

Truly, there is no better feeling than to receive the admiration of your child … To know that what you do can not only improve the world for others but also means the world to your reason for everything.

As Senior Director, Global Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Research Business, I’ve been a part of Waters for more than 20 years. That’s nearly the entire lifetime of both my boys.

I’ve built my career on Waters’ mission to Deliver Benefit. On any project or collaboration, we focus on ways to make the world a better place and we do this in an inclusive way. This is a life lesson that I’ve tried to instill in my sons.

Today I am most proud of the balanced young men that Jeroen and Michiel have become despite today’s hectic world, and how they continue to grow as individuals and demonstrate openness and inclusiveness in their daily lives.

Aiding in the fight against COVID-19, and protecting my own family

Of course, my sons are always at the center of everything I do. As a father, it is natural to worry about our kids. Like all parents, as the global coronavirus pandemic swept the globe my concern for Jeroen’s and Michiel’s health and safety grew.

My contributions at Waters gave me a chance to aid in the fight against COVID-19 and to help make the world a little safer for my own children. As we worked with our customers on the fight against COVID-19, they remained always on my mind and in my heart. I knew that my contributions to these discoveries could impact the lives of not just people around the world but also my own family.

Making science more demonstrable and creating thought-provoking conversations

Jeroen attends Ghent University, where he studies history. My work is not often something about which he is curious. However, his university’s use of Waters instruments on COVID-19 research made my passion for driving customer success and discoveries through science more tangible to him. The pandemic enabled him to see first-hand through this academic setting where Waters contributed and supported the fight against COVID-19.

I feel privileged and honored that I can work in an organization and with a superb team of experts that focuses so deeply on enhancing human health and well-being … And I’m thrilled that my work is now often the subject of stimulating dinner conversation.

Happy Father’s Day!


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