Get Empowered: Tip #227 | Custom Fields, Round Function

By May 26, 2021

Tip #227: Using the Round Function in Custom Fields in Empower

Welcome back to Get Empowered! In the last Empower tip-of-the-week blog for Empower Chromatography Data System,  we answered an Empower user question and learned how to determine which Results have been Signed Off using a View Filter. (Tip #226).

In this week’s tip, we will learn how to use the Round function in Custom Fields.

The Round function is very useful in cases where you want to make the comparison of numerical results easier or comparing numerical results from other data systems to Empower.

Let’s get started.

Step 1

The Round function allows you to round large numbers in calculations. As with all formulae in Custom Fields, there is a syntax that must be followed. Here is the syntax and some examples of how rounding works (figure 1).


Figure 1

Step 2

In the first example, I’ve created a simple Peak Custom Field to round the ‘USP Plate Count’ to make it easier to compare and/or trend results (figure 2).


Figure 2

Step 3

You see the rounded values are easier to compare since in this method, ‘USP Plate Count’ values are quite different from peak to peak (figure 3).


Figure 3

Step 4

In the second example, I’ve created a simple Peak Custom Field to round the ‘USP Tailing’ (figure 4).


Figure 4

Step 5

You see the rounded values, and in this case, all the peaks are very symmetrical in shape (figure 5).


Figure 5


It’s that easy!

Final Note: You can use either the Pro or QuickStart interface for this tip.

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Next week in Empower Tip #228: We will revisit our VLOG series showcasing Empower as an important tool to implement Method Lifecycle Management (MLCM) and discuss Peak Purity Analysis with PDA and QDa detectors.


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