Get Empowered: Elevating Method Lifecycle Management | Tip #246, Method’s Operable Design Regions

By October 6, 2021

Welcome back to Get Empowered! In the last tip-of-the-week blog for EmpowerTM Chromatography Data System (CDS), we concluded our series on Method Versioning (Tip #245).

This week, we will revisit our video blog (VLOG) series featuring Empower CDS as an important tool to implement method lifecycle management (MLCM). In our last MLCM VLOG, we featured Empower Data Science Link, powered by TetraScience (Episode #13 /Tip #238).

In this week’s MLCM episode, the topic is: Determine Your Method’s Operable Design Regions (MODRS) with Empower CDS and DryLab®4 (Molnár-Institute)

Having the ability to determine and achieve robust method performance, especially with different column stationary phases, provides maximum flexibility and increase success when it comes to method transfer.

Learn how Empower CDS and DryLab 4, by the Molnár-Institute, seamlessly work together to automatically generate and compare multi-dimensional design spaces.

Let’s get started with the video.

Final Note: This procedure can be followed using the QuickStart or Pro interface

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Next week in Tip #247 We will answer an Empower CDS user question about calculating peak fronting.

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