Customer Success is Our Mission

By October 1, 2014

Waters Mission StatementI thought it was fitting to include in this inaugural Waters Blog some information about what the Waters Mission and our logo’s tagline “The Science of What’s Possible” means to Waters employees.

Waters. The Science of What’s Possible® is a brand platform that is firmly grounded in Waters’ defining attributes. For Waters, our attributes characterize the qualities that make us a leader in our industry and the active role we, as Waters employees, play in our customers’ success.

First of all, let’s take a look at our Waters Mission (see photo attached).

The title very clearly and succinctly communicates each and every Waters employee’s key goal and mission:  Customer Success is Our Mission

The three attributes we bring to the relationships with our customers that enable a true, enduring and successful partnership are:

1. Keen Understanding: The unparalleled insight into customer laboratory operations.

2. Purposeful Innovation: The pioneering, valuable and sustainable breakthroughs.

3. Meaningful Impact: The fundamental, systemic contributions to our customers’ success around the world.

As a result, Waters employees strive for collaborative and symbiotic working relationships with customers that enable all of us to contribute positive advancements to science and humanity.

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