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Need to Improve Database Scoring for LC/MS Metabolomics? Try ACQUITY PREMIER Columns!

By November 12, 2020

After another wrong assignment, I knew there had to be a better way to improve my database matching! Spectral library matching is an integral component in the workflow of untargeted, or high resolution mass spectrometry,… Read more >

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Waters ACQUITY PREMIER Columns: A New Solution for Sample Loss of Metal-sensitive Analytes

By October 14, 2020

Why do we lose compounds while trying to measure them? Are they disappearing? Are they breaking down? Why and how? It all starts with adsorption and for certain metal-sensitive analytes, it renders chromatographic analysis using… Read more >

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Late Night’s in the Laboratory

By October 11, 2020

Late nights in the laboratory seem to be the only thing I can really count on when I am trying to get reproducible chromatography for certain compounds. But what I really want, is to go… Read more >

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In Need of Some Reversed Phase Polar Acid Relief

By October 1, 2020

Retaining polar analytes using reversed phase (RP) chromatographic conditions have long frustrated scientists.  Trying to promote interactions between polar analytes and a non-polar reversed phase surfaces can often bring the most experienced separation scientist to… Read more >

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Addressing the Mystery of Sample Loss

By September 24, 2020

Many years ago, I was hired by a biopharma company to develop analytical methods for therapeutic oligonucleotides. When a new colleague warned me about sample loss on LC columns I looked at him with skepticism.… Read more >

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