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Bringing it all together – A modern solution for oligonucleotide analysis

By June 14, 2022
Biotechnology and molecular engineering. 3D illustration, science and technology concept of genetic manipulation.

Solving analytical challenges is at the core of our DNA and when it comes to oligonucleotide analysis, we’re at a point now where we can bring together the many advancements we’ve made across the analytical value stream into complete end-to-end workflows that truly deliver best-in-class analytical performance and productivity.

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The IVDR Cake. We’ve got a slice!

By April 14, 2022
European flags

Healthcare Providers and medical device manufacturers alike are working diligently to ensure that their services and products are compliant with these new regulations in the medical device industry in the European Union (EU).

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Automating Intact Mass Deconvolution: It’s About Time

By March 10, 2022

Waters has been progressing intact mass analyses for an equally long time. Development of the new waters_connect INTACT Mass app was a user-centric process.

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Safeguard HPLC Data Quality with Planned Performance Maintenance

By February 16, 2022

Reproducible, accurate data is critical for making key decisions about your products and obtaining important insights into your research. Learn how to safeguard your data quality by ensuring your HPLC instrument remains consistently in peak condition.

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Oligonucleotide Manufacturers Keep up with Market Demand using Our Compliance-Ready Instruments

By February 9, 2022

Recent developments in techniques for rapid and efficient oligonucleotide synthesis and molecular biology technology have expanded the market for manufacturers and service providers in the field. Liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (LC-MS) workflows play a critically important role.

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Attribute Monitoring Workflows [Infographic]

By November 18, 2021

Learn how the BioAccord LC-MS System is instrumental in the drug development workflow from sample prep to reporting.

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Modern Perspectives on Method Development

By October 21, 2021

Hear from Dr. Fadi Alkhateeb, a Waters Senior Separations Scientist on the approach and tools used to design and develop fit-for-purpose methods.

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BioAccord System with ACQUITY Premier: Some Things Work Better Together

By September 13, 2021

Combining BioAccord, our most capable MS detection platform, with ACQUITY Premier UPLC, our highest performance LC system, to demonstrate superior performance.

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Reliable, Reportable Data with Analytical Quality by Design Approaches

By September 10, 2021

The ways pharmaceutical organizations achieve reliable, reportable data is shifting. We discuss how leveraging modern analytical tools and applying an Analytical Quality by Design approach in your lab can increase the robustness of analytical methods.

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Biopharma’s Future: Next-Generation LC-MS Workflows for Peptide MAM

By March 18, 2021
LC-MS workflows for peptide MAM

The development of biotherapeutics continues to accelerate with their potential to revolutionize disease treatment in areas not adequately addressed by small molecule therapeutics. However, the complexity of these macromolecules and the range of potential modification… Read more >

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