Authors - Waters

Andrew Aubin

Andy Aubin is a Manager of the Purification / SFx Systems Marketing Laboratory at Waters. His team provides application support for all of Waters Purification Products including HPLC Prep, SFC Prep, and Supercritical Fluid Extraction. He has worked at Waters since 1999.

Andrew Peck

Andrew Peck, Ph.D., is a Business Development Manager for the Health Sciences group at Waters. In his role, Andrew engages the biomedical research community to advance the understanding of disease mechanisms using mass spectrometry-based solutions.

Asish Chakraborty

Asish Chakraborty is a Business Development Manager at Waters focused on solutions for biopharmaceutical laboratories, in particular higher order structure studies and the application of hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX-MS).

Barry Upton

Barry Upton has more than 30 years of experience within Waters and has had roles in sales, sales management and business development. In his current role as Strategic Program Director, he works closely with our global customers to try to understand their challenges and then works with the different parts of the Waters organization to help them develop and introduce new technologies to our customers and to the Waters sales teams.

Ben Dugas

Ben Dugas is a Global Strategic Markets Senior Business Development Manager focused on clinical markets.

Bill Warren

Bill Warren has been a member of Waters' family since 1986, when he was hired as an applications chemist. 14 years later, he joined Waters' Field Sales Organization covering accounts in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and parts of Massachusetts. He returned to headquarters five years later to manage the Product Evaluation Lab. He now focuses on helping define, develop, commercialize, and support bioseparation-based chemistry consumables for the analysis and lab-scale isolation of biomolecules such as synthetic oligonucleotides, amino acids, pepides, proteins, and released glycans.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy is a public relations manager at Waters supporting the separations, mass spectrometry, consumables and informatics teams. A graduate of Boston University's School of Public Communications, Brian's expertise includes communications, customer advocacy and reference management, and media relations. On Twitter: @BrianJMurphyWAT.

Brooke Koshel

Brooke M. Koshel is a Senior Scientist in the Biopharmaceutical Business group. Since joining Waters Corporation in April 2015, Brooke has focused much of her efforts on method transfer of legacy HPLC methods to modern LC platforms for analysis of monoclonal antibodies. Prior to her time at Waters Corporation, Brooke worked in a development lab with Lancaster Laboratories at Eli Lilly and Co. Her primary responsibilities included evaluating drug substances and drug products to determine purity and stability using chromatography and electrophoresis and aiding in comparative studies to establish platform methods for new molecules.

Caitlin Dunning

Waters Application Scientist, Research & Development

Chris Orlando

Chris Orlando is a Senior Public Relations Manager at Waters with more than 15 years of media relations and strategic communications experience. Prior to Waters, he worked in communications at George Washington University and at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Chris Stumpf

Chris Stumpf is a Senior Manager, Strategic Program Development on the Chemical Materials Team at Waters. He has over 20 years of experience in the analytical instrument and software industry. He has previously focused on laboratory informatics at Waters, including Empower CDS Software, NuGenesis Lab Management System, and Paradigm Scientific Search Software.

David Heywood

David Heywood is a Senior Manager for Omics Business Development at Waters.

Diane Diehl

Diane Diehl is a Senior Director overseeing the pharmaceutical market segment at Waters. She has worked at Waters since 2001, starting with the company as a senior applications chemist.

Donald Mason

Donald Mason is the Global Scientific Affairs Manager in the Health Sciences Diagnostics Business for Waters Corporation. For the past 15 years Don has played an active role in the clinical chemistry community developing the acceptance of liquid chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. Don has served on a number of scientific committees including Mass Spectrometry: Applications to the Clinical Lab and AACC’s Annual Meeting Organizing Committee (2015), editorial boards, and standards committees, including CLSI C62-A: Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Methods; Approved Guideline.

Eimear McCall

Eimear McCall is a Market Development Manager for the food & environmental market. After completing her undergraduate degree in Forensic and Environmental Analysis, she joined a food regulatory laboratory in Dublin, Ireland where she began her postgraduate research in the area of food contact materials. Eimear joined Waters in 2013, working within the food and environmental market development team, to understand customers’ challenges and collaborate on new product development to address these market needs.

Emma Marsden-Edwards

Emma Marsden-Edwards is a mass spectrometry expert at Waters supporting ion mobility instruments. She has been working in mass spectrometry for more than 15 years and is a committee member of the British Mass Spectrometry Society.

Fionn Quinlan

Fionn Quinlan is a clinical and health sciences business development manager at Waters, focused on supporting Asia-Pacific countries.

Gordon Kearney

Gordon Kearney is a Director in Product Management at Waters focused on time-of-flight mass spectrometry products.

Heather Brown

Heather Brown is a Principal Scientist at Waters focused on LC and MS solutions for clinical laboratories.

Heather Longden

After a number of years in training, supporting and selling Waters Software, Heather's current role is as a specialist in compliance to e-record regulations, acting as a resource to the global informatics community at Waters and the users of all Waters informatics products. This involves helping design the compliance into our informatics products and services, attending and presenting at specialist conferences, keeping up to date on the latest interpretations and amendments to the regulations and disseminating this information to the Waters field and corporate organizations. Heather is also active in the ISPE GAMP Community of Practice and the ISPE New England Chapter where she is called on as an expert in Data Integrity, specifically around the chromatographic analysis process.

Ian Edwards

Business Development Manager, Pharmaceuticals Business

Jennifer Fournier

Jennifer Fournier is a Director of Product Marketing at Waters, and the host of Waters' Behind the Science video series. She started in Life Science Research and Development at Waters in 2004, then moved into the manufacturing group for the MassPREP line of standards and now is a product manager for the same products she used to develop and manufacture.

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy, Ph.D., is a Principal Research Consultant at Waters, where he works in the Core Research and Development Group.

Joe Fredette

Joe Fredette is a senior business development manager with the Biopharmaceuticals team at Waters. He is focused on understanding the analytical needs and challenges of our biopharmaceutical customers, and on applying that knowledge toward the development and promotion of LC-MS solutions that improve performance, solve analytical challenges, and fuel greater productivity.

John Gebler

John Gebler is a Director of Biopharma Business Development at Waters. His experience includes R&D oversight and technical marketing business development. He has more than two decades of industrial analytical research experience in diagnostics, proteomics and biopharmaceutical characterization. He has developed and commercialized LC/MS system solutions for biopharmaceutical characterization, glycan characterization, and proteomics. He has more than 63 peer-reviewed publications and has presented at numerous invited lectures.

Jonathan Turner

Jonathan Turner is a Product Marketing Manager with the Chemistry Organization at Waters. He supports all analytical small molecule LC columns and is a co-host of the video series "Trust your Science." He joined Waters in 2006 as a research chemist where he helped to design, develop, and evaluate new novel stationary phases for commercial use. In 2015 he transitioned from the lab to Product Marketing; in this role, he uses his expertise in chromatographic media to commercialize new modern column stationary phases.

Keith Worrall

Keith Worrall is a Director, MS Product Management at Waters. Based in our MS headquarters in Wilmslow, UK, Keith is responsible for the quadrupole MS and GC/MS product management team that manages the life cycle of mass spectrometers. In prior experience, Keith worked in private food and environmental contract laboratories. He joined Waters in 2000 as an MS demo chemist.

Kelly Doering

Kelly Doering is a Director for DMPK within Waters for the pharmaceuticals market segment. She joined Waters in 2014 following seven years working in product management, product marketing and new product development with ALPCO, a provider of immunoassays to the clinical and life sciences research sectors.

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins has worked for Waters Corporation since 2000 and has been actively supporting chromatographers with solutions for HPLC method development for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and environmental industries. Prior to his current role, Kevin gained expertise in LC method development strategies and sample preparation techniques for bioanalytical assays and other complex samples that require sensitivity and resolution from sample constituents. His passion is to help other scientists obtain better analytical results throughout their method development process utilizing these strategies and techniques.

Khalid Khan

Khalid Khan is a business development manager on Waters' Forensic and Toxicology Science application team.

Kim Haynes

Principal Product Marketing Manager - Chemistry Technology Center

Kirsten Craven

Kirsten Craven is a Senior Product Manager at Waters focused on mass spectrometry products.

Larry Hines

Larry Hines is a Senior Marketing Manager in the Small Molecule Pharmaceutical business. He has more than 20 years experience in marketing and communications working in a variety of healthcare disciplines including medical device and life sciences.

Laurie Savill

Director, New Product Commercialization with 25+ years broad-based technology and product marketing expertise driving and implementing strategic online & offline programs and events. Incessantly educating and informing the world about Waters' Products.

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts is a product manager at Waters, with focus on our tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers. He is based in Wilmslow, UK.

Markus Wanninger

Markus Wanninger is a Product Marketing Manager for nano and microflow LC-MS consumables at Waters, with a long history in chemical engineering R&D and manufacturing within the life science and supporting industry.

Matthew Lauber

Matthew is a senior principal consulting scientist within Chemistry R&D at Waters, where he leads a team of chromatography specialists that focuses on developing new capabilities for the analysis of pharmaceuticals. Since his graduate studies at Indiana University, he has for eight years been applying his expertise in biochemistry and LC-MS techniques toward the development and application of state-of-the-art reagents and separation chemistries. In this time, Matthew has aided the commercialization of analytical technologies ranging from rapid N-glycan profiling to new capabilities for native protein LC-MS. Among his most recent work, he has helped invent and develop hybrid silica chromatographic surfaces, which can now be found in ACQUITY PREMIER column technology to solve issues with adsorptive analyte losses. Throughout the year, Matthew has also played an important role as key member of the Waters Innovation Response Team to bear the urgency of scientific collaboration and help vaccine developers and clinical researchers from around the world in their use of analytical chemistry to fight COVID-19.

Michael Batey

Michael Batey was a Senior Business Development Manager focused on health science markets at Waters from 2016-2018.

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson, Ph.D., is a product manager at Waters, with focus on our benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometers (Tof-MS). He is based in Wilmslow, UK.

Moon Chul Jung

I joined Waters Life Science R&D in 2005 after finishing my Ph.D. program at the University of Pittsburgh. I worked on developing high-pressure electrokinetic pumps. I have been working in Chemistry Operations (currently Consumables Group) since 2007. My projects were mostly on early phase R&D programs such as monoliths, protein affinity sampling, bioanalytical microsampling devices, clean solvents, nano/micro columns, and corporate system development programs.

Neil Lander

Neil Lander has worked for Waters since 1994 and has held a variety of positions including Technical Support Specialist, Technical Trainer, Manager Customer Education and currently, Principal Product Manager in the Informatics group. He provides internal support for Empower CDS Software and is focused on developing laboratory software solutions that help organizations achieve their scientific and operational objectives. Prior to joining Waters, he was an analytical chemist with experience in both the cosmetics and specialty chemical industries.

Paula Hong

Paula Hong is a Principal Scientist at Waters Corporation. She received her B.S. in Chemistry from Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA) and her Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from The University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia,PA). She began her career as an applications chemist at Waters Corporation over 9 years ago. Her work has focused on UHPLC and sub-2um technology for the application of both small and large molecule separations. She has authored numerous publications, including review articles, white papers and application notes. In her more recent work she has focused on the impact of instrumentation characteristics on method transfer across both Waters and other manufacturers systems.

Qihui Ni

Qihui Ni is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for Chromatography Systems at Waters. She is responsible for the solutions business strategy, sustaining marketing activities and commercialization of liquid chromatography instrumentation. Qihui is an Analytical Chemist by training with 7 years of research experience in LC-MS based method development for Proteomics, Metabolomics and Neuropeptides.

Ramesh Rao

Ramesh Rao was a Director in business development for food and environmental markets at Waters.

Rich Whitworth

Rich Whitworth is the Content Director at The Analytical Scientist magazine. Info:

Robert Plumb

Robert Plumb, Ph.D., is an expert in application of LC/MS and NMR to drug metabolism studies, metabonomics and metabolite identification. Published over 100 papers on the application of these technologies to metabolism and metabonomics studies. He is an expert in the use of capillary LC and LC/MS/MS for bioanalytical studies. Dr. Plumb is also a Visiting Professor of Metabolic Profiling, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Surgery & Cancer at Imperial College.

Roy Martin

Dr. LeRoy B. Martin, III is a Senior Manager for Biological Mass Spectrometry at Waters Corporation. His primary role is developing and implementing advanced mass spectrometry solutions in the Americas. He is also charged with evaluating and integrating new technologies and planning for their inclusion either as Waters offerings or in combinations of instrumentation platforms. Most recently, his focus has been on complex mixture quantitative proteomics and intact protein and protein-protein interaction analyses. Roy also serves as the liaison to many academic and institutional research programs and organizations. He is currently the chair of the ABRF Corporate Advisors Committee (CAC) and is on the Industrial Advisory Board of HUPO and USHUPO. He also serves on the Foundation Board for the North Carolina State University College Sciences (NCSU COS).

Scott Berger

Scott J. Berger, a Sr. Manager within the Waters Biopharmaceutical Markets team at Waters, received his B.S. (Biochemistry) from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, and his Ph.D. (Chemistry/Biochemistry) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His interests for combining high- resolution separations and mass spectrometry, started during his postdoctoral research under Dr. Richard D. Smith (PNNL), and continued while a Principal Scientist in the Life Sciences R&D group at Waters. His current technical focus within the Biopharmaceutical Business Group relates to the production of novel and robust bioseparations and LCMS workflows for the analysis of biotherapeutics.

Sherri Naughton

Sherri Naughton is a Senior Marketing Manager for pharmaceutical markets at Waters.

Simon Hird

Simon Hird has worked for Waters since 2014 as a Principal Scientist, currently working in the Global Food and Environmental Market Development Team. In this role, Simon contributes to scientific projects to support marketing activities, is involved in the commercialization of new technologies, promotes outcomes from collaboration and provides advice, training, context and technical marketing tools to various parts of the Waters organization and to customers globally. Prior to joining Waters, Simon spent almost 20 years at a government laboratory in the UK, where he was head of the LC-MS/MS team responsible for determination of residues and contaminants in food and environmental samples.

Steven Calciano

Steven Calciano joined Waters in 2015 and is responsible for innovative chromatography and mass spectrometry sample preparation solutions for large molecules in biological samples. Previously he supported analytical standards and reagents across food, environmental, and pharmaceutical industries, gaining an understanding of a variety of complex analytical workflows. He strives to bring enabling technology to chromatographers and mass spectrometrists to simplify sample preparation methods.

Swee Lee Yap

Swee Lee is currently Director of International Food and Water Research Centre. She has excelled in number of field based roles during her 19-year career at Waters. She started as an application chemist in Singapore in 1999, and then went into sales & market management, build and manages Asia market development and the Singapore demonstration laboratories. In 2006, she relocated to China and established the marketing team and product demonstration center for Waters China. She served as the Director of Marketing for Waters China and grew the market organization to cover business development, consumable business unit, customer education, and expanded solution center. Most recently, she was the Director of the Consumables Group Asia Pacific. Swee Lee completed her Master of Science in Virology at the National University of Singapore.

Zhimin (Jessica) Li

Zhimin (Jessica) Lee Senior Scientist at Waters, focused on applications using our separations technologies. She is adept at developing analytical methods and executing experiments to support rational formulation design, process optimization and final product stability. She has proven professional record of solving problems related to polymer based drug delivery platform, bioconjugates, complex formulation, process development, and product performance.