Sara Stead PhD BSc (Hons) MRSC - Waters
Sara Stead PhD BSc (Hons) MRSC
In her current position, Sara Stead is a Consulting Scientist within Food and Environmental team within the Scientific Operations group at Waters Corporation. Sara leads a team of research scientists focusing on the development of multi-residue screening and targeted analytical methods for chemical residues and natural contaminants. Sara is currently involved in the development and implementation of innovative screening solutions using mass spectrometric based techniques (including tandem quadrupole, time of flight-based and ion mobility enabled instrumentation) coupled to liquid chromatographic and ambient ionization inlets.

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TargetLynx Update: Stepping Up Your Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Software

By July 15, 2021
mycotoxin testing

The SCN 997 update for MassLynx represents a powerful upgrade for users of the Waters’ Mass Spectrometry software, boasting 12 enhancements, 24 bug fixes, and 7 performance and 11 usability improvements.

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