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Scott J. Berger and Patrick Boyce
Scott J. Berger, a Sr. Manager within the Waters Biopharmaceutical Markets team at Waters, received his B.S. (Biochemistry) from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, and his Ph.D. (Chemistry/Biochemistry) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His interests for combining high- resolution separations and mass spectrometry, started during his postdoctoral research under Dr. Richard D. Smith (PNNL), and continued while a Principal Scientist in the Life Sciences R&D group at Waters. His current technical focus within the Biopharmaceutical Business Group relates to the production of novel and robust bioseparations and LCMS workflows for the analysis of biotherapeutics. Pat Boyce currently works in LC-MS Systems Product Management. From 2018-2022 he worked in Waters’ Software Development organization as the Product Owner for a new Intact Mass app running on the waters_connect platform. Pat has been at Waters since 2007 working in sales, marketing, business development, customer experience and software development mainly focused on the Biopharmaceutical industry. Pat has been working in Biopharmaceuticals since 1992 when he joined the Peptide group at ICI Pharmaceuticals at Alderley Park, Macclesfield, UK.

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Automating Intact Mass Deconvolution: It’s About Time

By March 10, 2022

Waters has been progressing intact mass analyses for an equally long time. Development of the new waters_connect INTACT Mass app was a user-centric process.

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