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Matthew Lauber
Matthew is a senior principal consulting scientist within Chemistry R&D at Waters, where he leads a team of chromatography specialists that focuses on developing new capabilities for the analysis of pharmaceuticals. Since his graduate studies at Indiana University, he has for eight years been applying his expertise in biochemistry and LC-MS techniques toward the development and application of state-of-the-art reagents and separation chemistries. In this time, Matthew has aided the commercialization of analytical technologies ranging from rapid N-glycan profiling to new capabilities for native protein LC-MS. Among his most recent work, he has helped invent and develop hybrid silica chromatographic surfaces, which can now be found in ACQUITY PREMIER column technology to solve issues with adsorptive analyte losses. Throughout the year, Matthew has also played an important role as key member of the Waters Innovation Response Team to bear the urgency of scientific collaboration and help vaccine developers and clinical researchers from around the world in their use of analytical chemistry to fight COVID-19.

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Global Collaboration Aids in the Fight Against COVID-19

By March 22, 2021

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that scientists and companies work. Learn how the Waters COVID-19 Innovation Response Team enabled the critical collaboration and pooling of expertise that enabled fast and safe vaccine development.

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When Resolving Minor Differences in Protein Therapeutics Can Have a Major Impact

By November 6, 2018

Scientists from Waters and Pfizer collaborated to take on the challenge of engineering a novel reversed-phase LC column for high-throughput separations with enhanced resolution, selectivity, and recovery of target mAbs and ADCs.

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