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Kevin Jenkins
Kevin Jenkins has worked for Waters Corporation since 2000 and has been actively supporting chromatographers with solutions for HPLC method development for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and environmental industries. Prior to his current role, Kevin gained expertise in LC method development strategies and sample preparation techniques for bioanalytical assays and other complex samples that require sensitivity and resolution from sample constituents. His passion is to help other scientists obtain better analytical results throughout their method development process utilizing these strategies and techniques.

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Maximizing LC Column Lifetime: 3 Tips to Reduce Physical Deterioration

By September 8, 2017

Three tips to help you reduce physical contaminants from impacting your chromatographic column’s longevity.

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Infographic: What’s the Best Column for Polar Compound Retention?

By August 3, 2017
T3 for polar compound retention

Retaining and separating highly polar, water-soluble organic compounds has been a challenge for separations scientists who prefer reversed-phase chromatography as their technique of choice. See how Waters has addressed these analytical challenges with our T3 columns.

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Maximizing LC Column Lifetime: 3 Tips to Reduce Chemical Deterioration

By July 19, 2017

Tips to get the best performance and extend the lifetime of your chromatography column.

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