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Jonathan Turner
Jonathan Turner is a Product Marketing Manager with the Chemistry Organization at Waters. He supports all analytical small molecule LC columns and is a co-host of the video series "Trust your Science." He joined Waters in 2006 as a research chemist where he helped to design, develop, and evaluate new novel stationary phases for commercial use. In 2015 he transitioned from the lab to Product Marketing; in this role, he uses his expertise in chromatographic media to commercialize new modern column stationary phases.

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The Quest for Maximum LC Performance: A Well-Packed Column Bed

By April 26, 2021
packed column

As chromatographers seek maximum separation performance on their liquid chromatography (LC) systems, a key factor is the use of LC columns with an optimally packed column bed density. Solid-core columns manufactured with strict quality control… Read more >

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In Need of Some Reversed Phase Polar Acid Relief

By October 1, 2020

Retaining polar analytes using reversed phase (RP) chromatographic conditions have long frustrated scientists.  Trying to promote interactions between polar analytes and a non-polar reversed phase surfaces can often bring the most experienced separation scientist to… Read more >

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Unleash the maximum separation performance from your solid-core column

By December 3, 2015

Webinar Highlights | Understanding the Impact of System Dispersion on Separation Performance Hi, I am Jonathan E. Turner, Product Marketing Manager for ACQUITY® UPLC® and CORTECS® lines of columns at Waters Corporation. I recently conducted… Read more >

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