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Eimear McCall
Eimear McCall is a Market Development Manager for the food & environmental market. After completing her undergraduate degree in Forensic and Environmental Analysis, she joined a food regulatory laboratory in Dublin, Ireland where she began her postgraduate research in the area of food contact materials. Eimear joined Waters in 2013, working within the food and environmental market development team, to understand customers’ challenges and collaborate on new product development to address these market needs.

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Oil: A Source of Light and Cause for Celebration

By December 8, 2020

The use of light during holidays or festivals – in any form, including candles, lanterns, or fireworks – is significant, as we celebrate and look ahead to the future. Many friends and colleagues recently celebrated… Read more >

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Understanding Sample Complexity: Determining Matrix Effects in Complex Food Samples

By August 24, 2020

While the hyphenation of chromatographic and mass spectrometry technologies has revolutionized food contaminant testing laboratories, one major drawback is the potential for the phenomenon of matrix effects.  Due to unwanted interactions between the analytes and… Read more >

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Analysis of Food Contact Materials

By January 28, 2015

Food Contact Materials (FCMs) cover a variety of materials and articles that come in contact with food during its lifetime, from food manufacturing through to preparation in our own kitchens. Food contact materials can be… Read more >

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