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Bill Warren
Bill Warren has been a member of Waters' family since 1986, when he was hired as an applications chemist. 14 years later, he joined Waters' Field Sales Organization covering accounts in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and parts of Massachusetts. He returned to headquarters five years later to manage the Product Evaluation Lab. He now focuses on helping define, develop, commercialize, and support bioseparation-based chemistry consumables for the analysis and lab-scale isolation of biomolecules such as synthetic oligonucleotides, amino acids, pepides, proteins, and released glycans.

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I Resolve to Get Better mAb Separations

By August 8, 2018

We listened and learned how scientists separate mAbs and ADCs; then we designed a novel column for LC-MS bioseparations A critical step toward the prolific and successful use of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) as biotherapeutics occurred… Read more >

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