Attribute Monitoring Workflows [Infographic]

By November 18, 2021

Improving lab efficiencies without sacrificing data quality is a critical concern for biopharmaceutical and contract labs worldwide.  Waters’ small footprint LC-MS systems are generating consistent, reproducible results every day that accelerate development and ensure drug quality and safety for customers.

A Compliance-Ready Solution

The compliance-ready BioAccord LC-MS System combines our LC and MS expertise with our unmatched informatics expertise to form a compact, robust and easy-to-use platform that supports:

  • A wide range of assays: Run everything from intact mass and impurities analysis of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides, to released-N-glycan analysis, mAb subunit analysis, peptide mapping and multi-attribute monitoring, MS-based sequencing, and more.
  • Upstream and downstream environments: Harmonize LC-MS workflows across development, manufacturing, quality control (QC) and external partnerships to accelerate time to market and maintain data integrity.
  • Growth and acceleration: Offload routine biopharmaceutical analyses to distributed labs, freeing up MS experts to focus on R&D/ investigative work.

Learn more about how you can achieve the workflows you need to succeed with the breadth of features in the BioAccord System in this simple infographic.



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