Analyzing peptides – one of the greatest challenges that bioanalysts face.

By October 30, 2014

LC-MS for the bioanalysis of peptides requires the extraction of the target analyte from a matrix of biochemically similar proteins and peptides. However, the most common techniques typically used for small molecule extraction, such as protein precipitation (PPT) and liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), do not provide the recovery, sensitivity, specificity, and assay robustness required for peptides.

In addition to sample prep, the LC parameters for peptides are very different than those you might use for small molecules. There are subtleties within each parameter affecting the development of robust, reliable, high sensitivity bioanalytical assays for peptides.

Peptide workflow

In a recent interview with Bioanalysis Zone, Erin Chambers, Principal Applications Chemist in the Chemistry division of Waters, discussed these subtleties on Overcoming Matrix Effects in Large Molecule Bioanalysis and some of her more recent work with Lisa Parks from the Future Science Group.

For more details on bioanalysis of peptides, we have developed sample preparation protocols and separation conditions to help you quickly and effectively develop methods for any peptide.

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