A Big Step to a More Sustainable Future

By December 10, 2019

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At Waters, we’re guided by our values to “deliver benefit” in every interaction with customers, fellow employees, shareholders and our local communities. At the heart of our company is a true multi-stakeholder philosophy that supports the creation of both business and societal value. The technologies we produce deliver benefit by helping our customers enhance human health and well-being, but we also deliver benefit in how we produce them. We see an opportunity to improve people’s lives by implementing sustainable practices in all aspects of our business.

Today is a special day in our sustainability journey as we launch Waters Corporation’s 2025 sustainability goals. This is the first time we’ve set five-year sustainability goals as a company, and they will help take our sustainability work to a new level, providing vision and focus for ever-bigger societal benefit. Our five 2025 sustainability goals include:

  1. Advance our Innovation Ecosystem by implementing measurable, sustainable practices in how we innovate, develop and deliver our products.
  2. Reduce our Environmental Impact across our global operations and increase natural resource efficiency.
  3. Enhance our Sustainable Supply Chain by identifying opportunities in engineering, procurement and operations to reduce the environmental impact of our products and supply chain.
  4. Lead by Example in our Employee Development & Engagement for the employees we have today – and the employees we will need tomorrow – through programs and initiatives that drive diversity, inclusion and development.
  5. Nurture Our Culture of Health, Safety and Well-being by fostering an attitude of awareness, preparedness and responsiveness across our workplace and supply chain.

To arrive at these 2025 sustainability goals, we conducted a comprehensive materiality assessment. The materiality assessment enabled us to listen to our stakeholders in a uniquely deep and authentic manner, opening Waters to the best ideas possible to integrate sustainability throughout our organization. The five goals that resulted will shape all of our business and sustainability  activities, thereby building a strong foundation for future success. We are confident in reaching all of them by 2025 and have also committed to reporting on them annually.

In the meantime, we also released a new Waters sustainability report today that describes our recent progress in reducing our environmental impact and fostering a culture of diversity from all perspectives. Today’s report shows the momentum we have around sustainability and sets the stage for our next level of sustainability as articulated in our 2025 goals.

It’s exciting to imagine what will change for the better in the next decade due to ongoing advancements in science and technology. Because we are fundamentally committed as a company to enhancing human health and well-being, Waters will play an integral role in this change by investing in innovation, people and sustainable business practices that will improve millions of lives across the globe.

Read the full sustainability report here.

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