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Get Empowered: Empower User Question | Tip #201 Calculation of USP Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Empower

By November 25, 2020

In this week’s tip, we will answer another question from an Empower user regarding the calculation of USP signal-to-noise ratio. 

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Simple Joys: Giving Thanks in a New World

By November 23, 2020

There’s a longstanding debate among historians about whether America’s first Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth Colony in fall 1621 included turkey. Yet, today there’s no disputing that this bird has become a symbol and centerpiece of… Read more >

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USEPA Approves APGC Tandem Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry as Alternative Test Procedure for Dioxin Analysis

By November 19, 2020
Waters Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography system with the Xevo TQ-XS (APGC-MS/MS) platform

A Breakthrough in Dioxin Analysis for Environmental Laboratories In September, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) recognized the use of atmospheric pressure gas chromatography (APGC) with tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry (MS) as an acceptable… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Milestone Empower Tip #200 | Special Empower Video Tip

By November 18, 2020

We’ve reached a milestone– Empower Tip of the Week #200! View a special Empower video tip where I will answer a question from one of our Empower users.

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Need to Improve Database Scoring for LC/MS Metabolomics? Try ACQUITY Premier Columns!

By November 12, 2020

After another wrong assignment, I knew there had to be a better way to improve my database matching! Spectral library matching is an integral component in the workflow of untargeted, or high resolution mass spectrometry,… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Method Validation | Tip #199, Validation Protocols: Reporting Results of a Validation Study in Empower

By November 11, 2020

Using the Method Validation Manager option for Empower, you can report the results of a Validation Test or the entire Validation Study. In this tip, we will learn how to report the results of the Validation Study.

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Honoring our Veterans Around the World

By November 11, 2020

Around the world, November 11th is time to honor those who have served their countries through military service. To some it’s Veterans Day, to others it’s Remembrance Day. This year we want to spotlight a… Read more >

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Advancing Science Together for a Better Tomorrow

By November 10, 2020

At Waters, our purpose has always been centered on enhancing human health and well-being. Today, that purpose is more important than ever.  From the onset of the pandemic, Waters has partnered with organizations around the world to bring our resources… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Method Lifecycle Management | Tip #198, PeakTracker in Fusion QbD with Empower

By November 4, 2020

Return of our VLOG series featuring Empower as an important tool to implement method lifecycle management (MLCM). In this tip, we’ll take peak tracking by mass to the next level with PeakTracker in Fusion QbD, ACQUITY QDa and Empower.

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