October, 2020 - Blogging About What's Possible - Part 2

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Chords and Chemistry and the Benefits of Choosing Wisely

By October 2, 2020
Guitar Rob Buco

“A true measure of excellence for Waters is in orchestrating consistent instrument and chemistry optimization across applications, methods, and workflows.” I was on a job interview – more specifically, for my first position at Waters… Read more >

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In Need of Some Reversed Phase Polar Acid Relief

By October 1, 2020

Retaining polar analytes using reversed phase (RP) chromatographic conditions have long frustrated scientists.  Trying to promote interactions between polar analytes and a non-polar reversed phase surfaces can often bring the most experienced separation scientist to… Read more >

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Uncovering the Why of Breast Cancer with LC/MS solutions

By October 1, 2020

Chances are that you or someone you know has been directly impacted by breast cancer. With 2,088,849 new cases and 626,679 deaths globally,1 it is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women in most countries… Read more >

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