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Get Empowered: Project Backup, Archival and Restoring Data | Tip #142, Archiving Projects Automatically with NuGenesis LMS

By October 9, 2019
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Did you know that Empower projects can automatically be archived using NuGenesis Laboratory Management System (LMS)? In this tip, I will show you how.

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Data Integrity Matters: Limiting Access to Tools That Could Be Used to Manipulate Data (Part 4)

By October 8, 2019

Suppressing Peak Integration Being able to optimize peak integration and identification, whether by resetting the method RT settings, manually identifying peaks or suppressing integration of specific known peaks are certainly tools which, in the wrong… Read more >

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Celebrating a Pioneer of Values-Driven Culture

By October 7, 2019

This blog was originally posted on LinkedIn  Today we’re celebrating the 94th birthday of a scientific genius and corporate culture visionary. Jim Waters, the founder of Waters Corporation, is a legendary innovator and entrepreneur. He… Read more >

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Mobile Phase Additives for Peptide Characterization

By October 2, 2019

The characterization of peptides and proteins can be challenging due to issues such as adsorption, varying hydrophobicities, and specificity to name just a few. When analyzing peptides by Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS),… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Project Backup, Archival and Restoring Data | Tip #141, Deleting a Project

By October 2, 2019
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Once a project has been backed up it has been archived and can then be deleted from Empower. This will free up space for other projects. Let’s learn how.

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Supporting the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

By October 1, 2019

As a science-based organization, STEM education is of the utmost importance to Waters. This blog highlights the excitement of its partnership with Junior Achievement, one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs that prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship.

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