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Bringing it all together – A modern solution for oligonucleotide analysis

By June 14, 2022
Biotechnology and molecular engineering. 3D illustration, science and technology concept of genetic manipulation.

Solving analytical challenges is at the core of our DNA and when it comes to oligonucleotide analysis, we’re at a point now where we can bring together the many advancements we’ve made across the analytical value stream into complete end-to-end workflows that truly deliver best-in-class analytical performance and productivity.

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The Waters Difference: Sustainable Actions for a Sustainable Future

By April 22, 2022
waters corporation sustainability

At Waters our position as a global manufacturer is to embrace a culture of sustainability in our people, manufacturing, workspaces, products, services, and packaging.

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The IVDR Cake. We’ve got a slice!

By April 14, 2022
European flags

Healthcare Providers and medical device manufacturers alike are working diligently to ensure that their services and products are compliant with these new regulations in the medical device industry in the European Union (EU).

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How Improved Selectivity in Immunosuppressant Analysis Can Help Organ Transplant Patients

By April 5, 2022
MassTrak immunosuppressant calibrator

The Waters MassTrak Immunosuppressant Calibrator, Control, and Internal Standard Sets, soon available, are developed to help laboratories utilize LC-MS/MS with confidence in their assay results.

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The Future Generation of LC-MS/MS IVD Solutions

By April 3, 2022
MassTrak IVD

Our MassTrak IVD solutions provide customers with a range of instrumentation, reagent kits and informatics that can be configured to support laboratory workflows ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Can Ever-Increasing Analytical Sensitivity and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand?

By March 31, 2022
waters xevo tq absolute

Learn more about how absolute power can be more sustainable with the new Xevo TQ Absolute tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer.

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Empower Tip #271 | Empower CDS User Question

By March 30, 2022

In this tip series for Empower Chromatography Data System, we answer how to calculate isoelectric point or pI, when separating proteins by charge profile.

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The Waters Difference: Eliminating Doubt in the Chromatography Consumables Supply Chain

By March 24, 2022
chemistry consumables

The Waters Chemistry Consumables team in Wexford distributes 8,000 consumable product offerings to three major distribution centers in Europe, Asia and the United States. We own the supply chain from start to finish.

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Empower Tip #270 | Calculating Amount/Concentration

By March 23, 2022

In this tip series for Empower Chromatography Data System, we continue our series on calculating Amount/Concentration as well as the influence of injection volume on quantitation.

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The Waters Difference: Eliminate Doubt with Chemistry Technical Services

By March 18, 2022
chemistry technical service group

The Waters Chemistry Technical Service Group is made up of world-class chromatography experts with an ability to uncover ways that labs can be made more robust and reliable.

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