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How Water Treatment Plants Protect Fish from Disruptive Synthetic Hormones

By March 22, 2017

Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Estrogens at Sub-ppt Levels in Surface and Crude Influent Water with 2D UPLC-MS/MS With Euan Ross,1 Angela Boag,2 Hamish Todd,2 and Neil Gatward2 1Waters Corporation, France; 2Scottish Water, Organics Lab,… Read more >

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Analysis of Microcystins in Bottled, Tap, and Surface Water with 2D-LC Technology

By January 12, 2015

Algae bloom is the result of a rapid accumulation of cyanobacteria in freshwater and other ecosystems. Their presence is predominantly linked to excess nutrients (fertilizers) from water runoff. In some instances, harmful blooms can pose… Read more >

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