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Data Integrity Matters | What do you do with Orphan Data Created during Data Acquisition?

By July 19, 2018

Halting a chromatographic analysis where the system is not performing correctly or when another error is evident in the separation is a valuable and scientific way to avoid creating unusable data that needs to be subsequently invalidated following a defined analytical lab error/result SOP. But what do you do with that orphan data?

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Get Empowered: Another Reader Question on Quantitating Impurities | Tip #78

By July 18, 2018
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Lots of questions about calculating impurities in Empower Software! Here’s another answer to a reader who inquired: How do you quantitate impurities against the main component? We’re happy to show how…

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Skin Lightening Products: Are They Cosmetics or Drugs?

By October 13, 2017

You won’t like what we found when we tested skin lightening cosmetics that we purchased online.

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Get Empowered: QuickStart Interface | Tip #1

By January 25, 2017
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Welcome back to Get Empowered! My tip-of-the-week blog for Empower Software kicks off by taking a closer look at the Empower QuickStart Interface. There is so much to cover in this series, so I have broken it up… Read more >

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Get Empowered: Introducing the Empower Software Tip of the Week

By January 18, 2017
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Are you getting the most out of your Empower Chromatography Data Software (CDS)?

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Cosmetics Safety Testing: A Path to Data Integrity and Traceability

By August 30, 2016

How could updated CPC regulations potentially impact analytical chemists working in the CPC industry? I don’t think I’m going out on a limb too much if I say that if the regulations are updated, the demand for analytical testing for existing products and for reformulations is going to go up.

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Make the Most of Your CDS Data

By January 9, 2015

Are you being asked to reduce laboratory costs and increase laboratory efficiency while ensuring your data meets regulatory expectations? The amount of data being produced by your chromatography data system (CDS) increases every year. Being… Read more >

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The Elephant in Your LAB

By November 3, 2014

It’s a critical part of your laboratory. It contributes to the overall productivity and is the foundation to simplify your overall operations. Everyone is acutely aware of its day-to-day challenges, has common concerns, and can… Read more >

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