Tom Wheat
Tom Wheat
Dr. Wheat earned his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois and held research positions at Northwestern University before joining Waters Corporation. At Waters, his work focused on both bioseparations and small molecule separations, particularly with MS detection. He developed techniques for purification, notably at-column dilution, as well as tools for bioseparations, including Auto•Blend Plus. He has published and presented papers on analytical biochemistry, capillary electrophoresis, mass spectrometry and preparative chromatography. Dr. Wheat has retired from Waters but still supports the analytical science industry as a consultant.

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Webinar Highlights: “Developing, Testing, and Troubleshooting Chromatography Method Transfer”

By February 1, 2017

In this webinar, we discussed the transfer of chromatographic methods that occurs at many stages in the development and production of a product. Here are a few questions that we received but did not have time to answer during the information-rich hour.

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Effective Use of the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector with Your LC: A Q and A with Dr. Tom Wheat

By January 26, 2016

  I recently presented a webinar describing some techniques and tools used for effectively using the QDa Mass Detector with liquid chromatography systems. Several attendees submitted questions that may be of general interest to a… Read more >

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Developing Separation Methods for Natural Products: Questions and Answers from a Webinar with Dr. Tom Wheat

By December 15, 2015

The development of chromatographic methods for natural products is challenging due to the complexity of the sample matrix and analyte chemistry. However, by understanding the fundamental parameters of your chromatography and strategies for efficient detection,… Read more >

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