John Gebler
John Gebler
Director of Biopharma Business Development at Waters • Senior-level R&D director and technical marketing business development Director. • More than 2 decades of industrial analytical research experience in diagnostics, proteomics and biopharmaceutical characterization. • Developed and commercialized LC/MS system solutions for biopharmaceutical characterization, glycan characterization, and proteomics. • Developed and commercialized standards for LC/MS • 63 peer-reviewed publications & numerous invited lectures. • International experience in Canada (2 years) and India (1 year). Specialties: Directing/managing R&D programs and projects and technical business development. Mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography characterization of proteins, antibodies, peptides, and glycans.

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Biopharma Data: Chaos or Harmony?

By January 29, 2018

If data can throw your biotherapeutic development program into chaos, it can also help move you forward. Let’s see how.

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