Jody Dunstan
Jody Dunstan
I am a professional and personable product manager working for a world leader in UPLC, HPLC and mass spectrometry technologies. In my current role I am focussed on driving the product marketing of a portfolio of GC/MS products, guiding what was once a highly innovative but niche technology (Atmospheric Pressure GC) into mainstream acceptance. This role requires me to influence a wide variety of people, both internal and external to the organisation. I have spent the last few years honing and refining my skills and knowledge in the realms of product management with a specific focus on User Requirements generation. I have a strong technical background with over 15 years experience in the analytical chemistry field with specialties in gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and I have spent 10 years in customer facing roles. I pride myself on my ability to develop strong working relationships with my colleagues and customers.

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The Quest for a Universal Chromatography Technique

By August 23, 2018

When considering that the range of compounds that might be subject to chromatography goes from highly volatile species with molecular weights of tens of Daltons, to proteins with molecular weights of hundreds of thousands of Daltons, maybe it isn’t so surprising that there are a variety of separation techniques required.

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