ACQUITY (a·cqu·i·ty /əˈkyo͞oədē/) UPLC: 10 years of moving an industry forward

By November 25, 2014

Time to move on

Over the past 30 years, liquid chromatography has proven to be the predominant analytical technology within laboratory-dependent organizations around the world. No other single technology supports a company’s analytical needs from product discovery, research, all stages of development, and manufacturing to final testing for release.

However, three decades ago, hairspray was in, disco was out, Margaret Thatcher was just striking a chord with voters, and the Empire was just striking back.

Things change, but LC wasn’t changing. With all the technological advancements that the world had seen during the latter part of the 20th century and entry into the 21st, – the shrinking size yet growing power of computers, the evolution of the mobile phone, a little thing called the INTERNET – LC instrumentation had only seen small, incremental advancements.


ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System.

Enough is enough

Disruptive innovation: The process of developing new products or services to replace existing technologies and gain a competitive advantage. (

Simply put, HPLC was not keeping up with business demands to analyze more sample, faster, and with better results.

In response, Waters in 2004 introduced commercialized sub-2- μm particle columns engineered in tandem with advanced instrument design featuring modern fluidics modulates that deliver very high performance.

The result? UltraPerformance Liquid Chromatography, or UPLC.


Choose your flavor

To deliver this powerful, new technology to businesses around the world, Waters created the ACQUITY UPLC family of systems (like this one, that one, this one over here, that one there, and, okay – that one… among others). Unlike other “souped-up” LC’s on the market that may simply be cobbled together from duct-taped spare parts and modified pieces of semi-retired systems, ACQUITY UPLC systems are holistically designed, and represent a continuous investment in expanding and improving Waters’ commitment to the evolving needs of its customers. These systems, together, have fueled:

  • Dramatic process improvements;
  • Elimination of analytical bottlenecks;
  • Reliable, reproducible results;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Millions of dollars saved in energy use, solvent use, and waste disposal; and
  • Thousands of peer-reviewed papers and application notes.

ACQUITY UPLC has made an unprecedented impact on the way scientists work, and the way businesses perform. (See the shiny infographic, below.)

Plus, the blue-designed chassis just looks really good in a lab. White boxes are so Commodore.



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